Best Up-skilling Programs for Professionals

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Specialized Program for Professional

This training programs provide opportunities for employees to refine skills, learn new capabilities, and perhaps most often, expand their networks of influential people. Whether you pursue internal or external programs, they provide a unique opportunity to apply newly-learned skills and processes immediately, appropriating them as needed for the demands of your role..

How to find professional development training that will advance your career, from finding the best training right through to completion.

If youíre serious about improving your skills and participating in a program that aids your progression, youíll need to make them complement your role. Here are some tips to defining the training you need

Keys points to understand before finalize your decision:
  1. Make a list of the skills you have and areas of your role you feel youíre excelling in.
  2. Compare this with your KPIs and role description: are there areas you could improve on? What are the key competencies you need to advance?
  3. Commence your research, using as many resources as possible. Look for professional training programs that specify in the skills you need and are recommended by certified boards, professional organisations or reliable people in your network.
  4. Select three to five training programs that vary in cost, length and provider, but have the same outcomes at their core. Providing your employer with options will show them youíre serious and well-researched.

When youíve established the professional training program thatís best for you, be sure to research the course type thoroughly, comparing with other available course providers. Always choose accredited courses or training programs that offer the highest standard of information, resources and support.

Key Offerings for Professionls

Trained by Industry Practician

Learn from expert.

80% + Hand-on Training

More hands on experience to master in.

Lastest Cutting-Edge Technologies

Get trained in demanding technologies.

upto 30% Hike in Existing Salary

value yourself.

Real Time Case Studies

3+ cases studies in each module.

Get International Certificates

gets international certificates.

Key Up-skilling Programs

Core Programming and Logical Technologies


Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Technologies


English Communication & Personality Development


Digital Marketing

  • Email Marketing
  • SEO, SEM and Google
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • User Enaggements

Full Stack Program

  • Angular JS & React
  • Full Stack Development - Java
  • Full Stack Development - Python
  • Full Stack Development - ASP.NET

Banking and Finance

  • Accounting with Tally ERP9
  • GST Using Tally ERP9
  • Introudction to GST
  • Working with Tally.ERP9 Level-1-3
  • Finance and Accounting

Cyber Security

  • Network Security Fundamentals
  • Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security

Cloud Computing

  • Foundation Program in IT Infrastructure and Security
  • Cloud Computing and SysOps Program


  • SAP Finance and Controlling(FICO)
  • SAP Sales and Distribution(SD)
  • SAP Material Management(MM)

Data Analytics-Fundamentals

  • Data Analysis and Visualization in Excel and Power BI
  • Data Analysis and Visualization in Excel and Tableau
  • Programming in R
  • Python Programming and Data Exploration in Python

Core Technologies

Core Modules

  1. C Programming
  2. C++ Programming
  3. Data Structure with C++ Programming
  4. Querying Database with MS SQL Server
  5. Python Programming

Software Development

  1. Web Designing with Angular, CSS, JavaScript
  2. Web Development with .NET
  3. Web Development with Java
  4. Web Development with PHP
  5. Web Development with PHP & Laravel
  6. Web Development with Python

Tech Edge+

  1. Ethical Hacking/Cyber Security
  2. Mobile App. Development with Android
  3. Flutter (UI Software Development)
  4. Digital Marketing
  5. Cloud Computing with AWS
  6. Cloud Computing with Azure
  7. Internet of Things
  8. Embedded Programming

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Technologies

*Option of Microsoft/IBM Certifications

Career Programs

Data Analytics & Predication Modeling
  1. Master Program
  2. Professional Program
  3. Associate Program
Business Analytics & Intelligence
  1. Master Program
  2. Professional Program
  3. Associate Program

Modular Programs

Data Analytics & Predication Modeling
  1. Fundamentals of Statistics
  2. Data Analytics with Python
  3. Data Analytics with R
  4. Machine Learning with Python
  5. Machine Learning with R
  6. Deep Learning with Python
  7. NLP with Python
  8. Big Data & Hadoop

Modular Programs

Business Analytics & Intelligence
  1. Business Analytics with Tableau
  2. Business Analytics with MS Power Bi
  3. Business Analytics with MS Excel
  4. Business Analytics with SAS
  5. Business Analytics with SPSS
  6. Business Analytics with SQL Server

Soft Skill & English Communication Training Program

*Option of Cambridge Certifications

Career Program

Duration :32 Hours

Extended Program on English Communication & Personality Development
  1. Professional Skills
  2. Social Skills
  3. Personal Skills
  4. Job Oriented Skills
  5. Verbal Aptitude
  6. Mock Sessions

Professional Programs

Duration :16 Hours

Geared Program on English Communication & Personality Development
  1. Professional Skills
  2. Social Skills
  3. Organisation Skills
  4. Job Oriented Skills
  5. Verbal Aptitude-1
  6. Verbal Aptitude-2

Modular Programs

  1. Sales Training
  2. Service Training
  3. Experiential Training
  4. Product Training
  5. Process Training
  6. Leadership Training
  7. Behavioral Training
  8. Time Management
  9. Team Management
  10. Goal Setting